Screen Printing

Screen Printing is an art form that has been around for Ages yet its effectiveness never gets old and process is ever improving!  It is the best way to print a bulk order of t-shirts where your design consists of 1-4 colors!  SSA has been offering Screen Printing since 2009! 

The Process: 
We take your artwork and color separate the file and output a film for each color.
2. Then the image from the film is transferred in a dark room setup onto a screen so that ink will pass through that burned image only!  1 screen per color is made to print each color individually!  



3. The screens are then loaded onto the machine and ink is added on the screens and finally PRODUCTION!  After print each piece is passed through an industrial dryer to "cure" the garment so the print lasts a long time with minimal fading or cracking! 

Best uses for Screen printing:

  • Cotton or polyester shirts

  • When logo or design is from 1-4 colors. Each color adds extra setup time and cost, so you want to make your designs simple and effective to make them most efficient.  We typically recommend 1-2 color designs, but we can print up to 6!

  • When you need 24 or more shirts.  Screen printing requires setup time and energy for each design.  Thus it is not ideal to print only 1 or a few shirts using screens.  Screen printing becomes most cost effective and efficient when you have a batch of at least 20-30 shirts to print, and gets even cheaper as you near the hundreds or thousands range. Thus we have set our minimum to just 24 shirts per design for screen print jobs! 

Examples of our work can be seen below:


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Email for a quote to
Because each job requirement is so varied we ask that you email us for a quote with your specific requirement.  Include:
- T-shirt color
- Logo or print colors needed
- Quantity needed (24 minimum for screen printing)