Direct to Garment Printing- DTG

Direct to Garment printing often referred to as "DTG" is the process of digitally printing images and graphics directly onto t-shirts.  Imagine a giant sized inkjet printer that has a special loading tray to load a t-shirt and a specific formula of ink type that will actually bond and hold into a cotton shirt!

That is what direct to garment printing is.
The benefits:

  • No setup fees!
  • No color limitations on your graphics as there are no screens required to setup
  • Easy setup time and perfect for small quantity orders
  • Works well with comfortable, soft 100% cotton tees

The drawbacks: 

  • Each piece is individually made so large quantity orders take a good amount of time.
  • Black or Dark shirts are very expensive, and require a much more extensive pre-treatment process to perform DTG printing.  We no longer offer that process and dark shirts.
  • Print size is limited to about 13" x 17" tall.

    See some examples of DTG t-shirts below!

To order email us your graphic to
No Minimums on DTG shirts!

PRICE TABLE for DTG orders (High Quality 100% cotton t-shirt included):

 Quantity: Price per shirt: Where to order:
1-12 shirts $25 Online design tool, Click here
12 + Shirts $16 Email
*Based off standard image or graphic size similar to above on front.  Once artwork is submitted based on design price is subject to change. Email us design to confirm pricing*

Turnaround time 2-4 business days.